Project Description


The Gulfstream G450 is a large-cabin, long-range, high-performance business jet, developed as the improved version of the storied Gulfstream 400 aircraft. The Gulfstream G450 features upgraded engines and aerodynamic enhancements over its predecessor and can carry 14 passengers comfortably in its spacious, luxurious cabin, equipped with three distinct living areas.

GulfStream G450 Stats
G450 Interior-Cabin
The Gulfstream G450 is descended from the legendary G-IV series aircraft, which still remains one of the best-selling business jets of all time. No less than 500 of these extremely popular and prestigious jets were produced and sold in the twenty years between 1982 and 2002. The Gulfstream G450 is a new and improved version of its overwhelmingly successful predecessor, which is no small feat considering the scope of its 20 year reign. Fortunately, the G450 lives up to the hype and delivers on its promises. The G450 is an aircraft focused on