Phantom Services

Delivering Integrated Development Solutions for Transformational Impact

Phantom works on the frontlines of global development. Transforming ideas into action and action into impact. Our development specialists reach across technical disciplines to shape integrated solutions that promise transformational results.


Our Solutions:


Phantom Services offers comprehensive aviation services, including aircraft acquisition and sales, fleet management, custom aircraft management operating both a Part 91 & 135 and a state-of-the-art 59,000 sq.ft. hangar facility, all underpinned by an unwavering commitment to safety, security, and service.

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Phantom offers decentralized solutions that integrate advanced battery storage universally with traditional and renewable energy sources. Our services include mobile, semi-permanent, and permanent solutions which are scalable micro-grid ready to power greater energy requirements.

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Specialized security solutions, Phantom Services leverages the expertise of former US Special Operations and Government Officials for private/executive security, provides custom maritime security for various vessels and facilities, offers industrial security including risk mitigation and onsite training.

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Offering expert training for luxury yacht crews, high-end concierge services regardless of location, custom-tailored maritime security solutions for various vessels and facilities, and personalized yacht management services, all with an emphasis on safety, professionalism, and client satisfaction.

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Phantom International drives global change by collaborating with governments, corporations, and philanthropies on innovative infrastructure projects addressing economic and governance challenges by creating sustainable, socially responsible solutions.

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Non-Profit that offers support, training, and resources to empower global community-based nonprofits, addressing the devastating impacts of poverty, child trafficking, and illegal poaching, with a focus on protecting the most vulnerable affected by these crimes.

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Phantom Global Network

Phantom Services maintains an extensive worldwide network, providing clients with unparalleled access to cutting-edge solutions and industry expertise, fostering global collaboration and promoting worldwide partnerships that consistently deliver outstanding results.

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Phantom Security Solutions
Phantom Security

Security Solutions

Phantom Service’s operational expertise comes from our team’s experience as former US Special Operations, Counter-Terrorism, Law-Enforcement, and Government Officials. Additionally, our personnel has been directly responsible for the safety and security of hundreds of diplomats and corporate VIPs worldwide.

Phantom Security

Industrial & Commercial Security:

Our industrial security solutions include the core tasks of vulnerability and threat assessments, risk mitigation, on-site security training, evaluations, and quality assurance for workplace facilities and events. Once we analyze the risks, concerns, and needs, we develop and implement a program specifically designed to meet all your requirements.

Phantom Maritime

Maritime Security:

Phantom Maritime offers customized global maritime security solutions for private and commercial vessels, cruise ships, oil and gas platforms, and international ports and harbors. Our experts develop personalized strategies to address the necessary requirements for acquiring, maintaining, security, training, and operating maritime assets on both national and international levels.


Committed To ExceedingExpectations In Aviation Services

Phantom Air

Defining excellence in Aviation

Phantom Air is a private aviation services company whose core business assists aircraft owners with their aircraft’s safe, reliable, and efficient management and operation. Our services are customized to meet any individual travel and financial requirements and support your flight operations with the highest safety and personalized service standards, regardless of the aircraft’s location.

Areas of Focus:

- Acquisitions & Sales
- Aircraft Management
- Fleet Management
- Hangar Facilities


- Part 91
- Part 135 (coming soon)
- Crew Management
- Training
- Maintenance
- Fuel Management
- Flight Operations
- Safety & Compliance
- Hangar Construction

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Phantom Energy

A Universal Approach to Energy Management

Phantom Energy BESS Units boast a remarkable ability to recharge its batteries from virtually any energy source, including solar, wind, hydro, fuel generators, and the grid. This universal compatibility enables the system to harness energy from available local resources. As a result, the BESS can be deployed in nearly any location worldwide, ensuring consistent power availability and promoting sustainable energy use.

    • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
    • Renewable Energy Solutions
    • Mobile Solutions
    • Rapid Deployment
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Phantom Foundation

Secure Our Future, Change the World

Phantom Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers the necessary support, training, and resources to enable outstanding community-based nonprofit organizations around the globe. Our firsthand experiences with the devastating impacts of poverty, child trafficking, and illegal poaching have shown us how these crimes affect everyone. Regrettably, it is the most vulnerable who bear the greatest burden.

Areas of Focus:

- Child Poverty
- Child Trafficking
- Anti-Poaching


- Education
- Funding
- Equipment
- Cyber
- Training

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